How to Find a Job in St. Louis’ Startup Scene

March 16, 2017

Interested in finding a job in the bustling STL Startup scene? Here are five ways to get started now.

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  1. Get a sense of where you want to work.

Depending on your skillset, there could be a number of organizations that offer opportunities for you. A good way to start a job search in STL’s startup world is to first get to know the landscape. Explore the STLTechMap, where you can read about more than 300 startups, entrepreneur support organizations and venture capital firms in the region. Once you discover what types of organizations interest you, and maybe even select a handful you want to check out, take it a step further by clicking through to their websites. Look at their “Careers,” “Jobs, “About Us” and even “Blog” pages to see what current openings are listed and how to apply. Not all organizations utilize job boards, so looking at their websites first is a good place to start.

  1. Check out local startup job boards.

A great first place to look is This is a free job board for the St. Louis Startup

Community. It’s a straight-forward website; you don’t have to start a profile or create an account. If you see a job that interests you, click through to follow the application instructions. Another place to check is the STLTechMap itself. There is a “Jobs” tab where some startups have also posted opportunities.

  1. Job Matching Services

Two local startups are working to better match individuals to organizations looking for talent.

Better Weekdays helps students and recent grads discover opportunities relevant to their interests, skills and values. Sign up with the company’s The Whether application to get started. Companies range from multi-national to small; it’s not startup-specific.

PluggedIn is a job matching platform that connects job seekers with opportunities at startups. Once you complete an online profile and upload your resume, the platform will match you with opportunities at companies looking for people like you. Companies can then reach out to you and you can apply for positions online. Sign up to get started.

Check national job boards, too. is a national job board specifically focused on startups. You can apply privately and see salary and benefits up front. Sign up for their newsletter to receive jobs directly to your inbox.

Dice is a national job board focused specifically on opportunities at tech companies. Browse the St. Louis listings and create a job alert so you hear about new opportunities as they open. is another national job board specifically on opportunities at tech companies. Their machine-learning algorithms match your skills and interests to real-time hiring needs.

LinkedIn is an important tool for your job search. Be sure to check there for opportunities, and use the search filters to look for jobs in your industry or at a specific company. is a national job listing site for all industries and many startups post their opportunities there.

  1. Show up to events.

Events are a great way to find out about current job opportunities in the ecosystem. Venture Café, which happens every Thursday at CIC@4240 on Cortex campus, draws more than 400 people almost every week for the sole purpose of networking, learning and making connections. If you’re in the sciences, check out Venture Café Night at 39 North on the third Tuesday of each month.  Or, if you’re engaged in social entrepreneurship, attend Venture Café Night at LaunchCode on the second Tuesday of each month.

There are also a few startup job events per year. PluggedIn hosted a Cyber Careers fair in 2016 and a Startup Talent Showcase in March, 2017.  Check the events calendar to see what’s coming up.

Want a hard copy of this post? Here you go!