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Your Guide to Global Entrepreneurship Week STL 2016

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STL Startup Roadshow to Boston Recap: 7 Startups Share Takeaways

Fresh off the heels of FiveThirtyEight naming St. Louis “the new startup frontier,” the lead [...] read more

Components of a Successful Cold Call

It’s Friday! You’re smiling – you’re dialing – you’re working the phones and excited to get that next person on the line. Or maybe it’s your first day on the phones and [...] read more

Is Your Startup Getting Caught in the “Squeeze”?

- 6 minute read - That could have been a picture of me when I first figured out my startup was getting caught in the "Squeeze". [...] read more

On Cultivating Startup Communities

We’ve all been invited to a party where the vibe was just a bit off. The wrong mix of people. A bad playlist. Store-bought appetizers that lasted about 30 minutes. The environment was [...] read more

Making Agile Talent Work For You

On March 14, Jon Younger and Rishon Blumberg published an article [...] read more

What I Learned During Q1 Pitch Day

If a Pitch Day is structured correctly, the companies seeking funding learn a great deal about how their vision is viewed by the world (or at least the corner that the Ben Franklin Tech [...] read more

How To ~~~> Pull Prospects Through An Early Sales Cycle

If you’ve been in sales for more than a few months I’m sure you’ve heard the old mantra, “Sell the solution, not the product”. In today’s sales development world this couldn [...] read more

How To Not Be An Asshole As An Aspiring Entrepreneur

Being a startup guy is kind of like “the new black” these days. Much like Hansel, startups are so hot right [...] read more

The Emotional Era: Content, Storytelling & Persuasion

Image: Copyright: ‘‘ / 123RF Stock P [...] read more