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Drug discovery and development contract research provider Confluence Discovery Technologies delivers custom pharmaceutical R&D solutions in the areas of project consultation, molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and enzymology, biomarker development and drug design. The Confluence Team collectively shares 125+ years of pharmaceutical R&D know-how including Project Leadership, Portfolio Management and Disease Area knowledge. Having a proven track record in drug R&D, the team has helped to deliver 29 Ph I & 21 Ph II candidates that resulted in 4 marketed drugs. We work closely with clients to assess project scope and needs while providing Problem Solving, Strategy Development & Testing Funnel Design. Confluence believes drug discovery assays require rigorous assessment prior to execution. Our experienced team considers key parameters including: format reproducibility, available controls, robustness, appropriateness, reagent availability, and linearity. At project implementation we collaborate as integral team members providing state-of-the-art technical expertise & service along with frequent data updates and the flexibility to adjust to changing project needs. Providing clients flexible & versatile problem solving is key to our mission. We pride ourselves on being able to address complex signaling systems, challenging targets and artifact exclusion.



Phone: 314-932-4032

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