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Ignition Tank provides its pipeline of startup companies with the strong back-office support necessary for success in today’s world. As a catalyst for innovation, Ignition Tank turns ideas into viable and profitable companies. Ignition Tank fuels the growth of startups. Leveraging a strong core team of creative, hard-working and inspired individuals, it turns ideas into companies in a scalable way.

Ignition Tank provides startups and small businesses with a strong back-office support structure that includes marketing, administration, accounting, legal council and more. Two long-time friends, Dan Lohman and Jan Christian Andersen, formed Ignition Tank to support their own startup companies. Their model proved to be successful and, working as a catalyst for innovation, Dan and Jan decided to expand the scope by offering the same infrastructure to other business partners and like-minded entrepreneurs.

The foundation of Ignition Tank’s model focuses on analyzing, dissecting and, ultimately, driving ideas from concept to inception and onto successful, viable businesses. In other words, a very structured model wherein an idea will succeed or fail on its merit, but not through its lack of ability to execute or follow through on every last detail.



Phone: 314-265-5132

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