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Microbe Scan LLC is focused on microorganism detection and enumeration particularly in environmental samples such as groundwaters and monitoring wells. Water contamination and water borne diseases are significant problems in developing countries where technology and infrastructure for testing water and environmental contamination is lacking. Currently, these countries are impacted by the lack technology and the absence of capacity for testing microbial contamination in water, in foods and in other environmental entities. This demand presents the opportunity to aid such countries by the creation of technological based services and their transfer. Microbe Scan LLC was founded with this goal in mind. The main purpose of the company is to research and develop a new and novel technology being applied by BacterioScan, run by one of our principal partners, for medical markets, but develop and apply it to environmental markets while leveraging the skills and experience at Microbe Inotech Laboratories, owned by a second partner in our company, for application to testing water contamination in Kenya and other 3rd world countries.



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