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Our mission is to collaborate with nonprofit professionals, board members and donors to create more efficient, effective and sustainable organizations. We provide outsourced administrative services, strategic consulting and professional coaching and mentoring services designed to maximize the sector’s use of staff and financial resources in order to create the greatest social impact. Mission Center Nonprofit Services strives to develop and apply innovative solutions to the nonprofit sector’s management needs. We fundamentally believe the sector’s current focus on the concept of collective impact is powerful when applied to administrative and program areas across mission spaces.

Economies of scale – delivering services on a large scale in order to drive down cost, improve quality and increase access to higher levels of competency and skill – is the underlying paradigm of the Mission Center’s Nonprofit Services. By putting these economies under one roof we create a “one-stop-shop” for administrative functions as well as management consulting services for those we serve.

Our administrative services include accounting (transactional, tactical and strategic functions), an employee health benefits insurance consortium for 501(c)3 organizations and a nascent human resources platform. We are currently seeking capital to develop an administrative services organization (ASO)/professional employer organization (PEO) exclusively for nonprofits that fully encompasses the payroll and human resource functions.



Phone: 314-703-1790

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