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An eighteen (18) year old, high school graduate, walked up to me after church and asked if I could help him with finding a job. He didn’t have any work experience except for designing cd covers for his peers. But, I took the graphic design skills he learned in school, put that with his portfolio of designs and created his resume. He ended up beating out college students for an entry-level position within a graphic design company after three (3) months of searching for a job. His starting pay was $12 per hour. He started that position last year and has since moved up within the company. This is what MyResApp is about: Connecting students to opportunities that will build communities.


MyResApp is a digital web based application that allows students to create their resume profiles for hiring companies’ review. This system will not only save companies time and money searching for potential interns or entry level workers, but also help high school and college age workers discover volunteer, internships and full or part-time jobs.


My Resume Application combines recruiting and technology together to help high school, vocational and college level students who are seeking internships, entry-level positions, volunteer work for graduation and scholarships within various organizations. And because it is a service under a staffing company we are able to offer recruitment services to companies who hire entry level students or graduates.

One of the biggest problems students face when they graduate high school or college is the lack of working experience. Companies are seeking employees (even at entry level) that have both education and experience. Not only can this platform be used as a connection for job seekers it can be used as a Software as a Service product for educational and training facilities because of its simplistic method. In fact, MyResApp has caught the attentions of an organization that operates ten (10) of the 126 centers across the United States, who wants to license and implement this for their students. We have another organization who is interested in buying this as a white label product for a different target markets.


MyResApp’s Platform:

–      Software as a Services (SaaS) Product allows students to:

  • Interact directly with hiring managers via MyResApp’s online digital platform

  • Search for jobs, internships, volunteer work, scholarships

  • Create resumes, cover letters, upload an introductory video answering preliminary interview questions

  • Take Typing Skills Tests, Microsoft Office Skills Testing and Customer Service Testing

–      Software as a Services (SaaS) Product allows hiring managers to:

  • Interact directly with students and or student counselors via MyResApps’s online digital platform

  • Search for interns, volunteers, entry-level workers and students



We expect to create a platform that would help decrease the percentages in homelessness for teenagers and young adults. We are striving to build a platform that gives 16-26 year olds an opportunity to retain experience in a working environment. Even if they don’t attend college after high school they would still have work experience to put on their resume to get an entry-level positon. We are doing this so that college students or graduates can get their foot in the door in an organization and continue to grow within that company. We are doing this to help training and educational institutions put more emphasis on the importance of career services. And making sure that their students are prepared for the work environment.





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