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Pushup Social is a technology that allows you to add your own online community to an existing website in minutes! Build and grow your community without having to rebuild or redesign your existing site. Pushup Social adds a social network bar to the bottom of the site, which can be launched or put away with a simple click. Community members can now share photos, posts, and more all on the website of the Brand, Organization, or Group they care about. Site owners can now engage their communities, access analytics, moderate content, improve SEO, and increase the overall stickiness and relevance of their website.  Pushup Social is a well-funded social media startup with an all-star cast of developers and entrepreneurs that pays competitive salaries. Located at Lab1500, an entrepreneurial center and startup incubator on Washington Ave. Pushup is in the heart of downtown St. Louis and the startup community.



Phone: (314) 780-9241

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