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Single Shingle Shop, LLC, is a new firm providing entrepreneurial training, consulting, and networking services to the first-time entrepreneur seeking to quickly turn ideas in to a money-making single-owner business as quickly cost-effectively as possible. Single Shingle Shop is a firm started by three seasoned pros who have enjoyed life as both employees and small business owners. Our clients seek the same enjoyment from a life of work and come to us to gain the skills, confidence, and guidance to do so as a small business owner.

Our focus is on delivering targeted training programs in partnership with other organizations; economic councils, learning institutions, professional associations, businesses, and non-profits. These organizations want the same thing we do; to support the financial success of their respective membership with innovative services, fun interaction, and meaningful guidance.

By partnering with other organizations, we can tailor our proven business start-up programs to target the needs and unique circumstances of each organization’s constituents. It’s a win-win-win for “solopreneurs”, our partners, and S-Three!



Phone: 636.222.3594

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