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Skejul is a dynamic global calendar in the cloud that enables people to set meetings in seconds without sharing calendars, bouncing emails back and forth, or disclosing private information.  Skejul eliminates friction when planning and managing business meetings, family activities, and school events.  Just tell Skejul who you want to connect with and the predictive computing platform works on everyone’s behalf to find the best date, time, and place.

Skejul is intelligent assistance not just another calendar app.  Skejul is social, it turns commitments into content people can act on.  Load Skejul with your activities from google and calendars.  Search and add public events (school, social, professional) .  Share events with specific people and groups.

The Skejul platform uses predictive computing in patent pending technology to achieve our mission to simplify your future with awesome new ways to connect, communicate, and collaborate.  It’s simple, fast, private, and what you should expect from really smart technology.



Phone: 314 803-6070

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