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Mobile Marketing & Advertising Company Mobile Marketing & Advertising Company. Services Include SMS, Mobile Apps, QR Codes, Geofencing & Location Based Messaging.

Our Specialty is Geofencing with Location Based Messaging.

“Geofence = A virtual perimeter that is set up to trigger a notification when a device enters or leaves the perimeter.”

How does it work?

Shoppers opt-in to receive messages, via a web site or via their phones. Customers only get unique messages so they will not be bombarded with the same message everytime they are in the area. (Up to 3 unique a week) That’s it. They don’t have to download any special apps.
The retailer sets up a Geofence around stores or other desired locations that triggers an alert when a customer is within the perimeter. In urban areas Geofences can be a small as a few blocks ; in rural areas they can be as large as a few miles.
Alerts go out to the customer telling them more about the nearby store. Alerts could include mobile coupons or a link with directions to the nearest store, reviews and or online credituals.

What makes our service different?

Our Location based marketing and Geofencing dash now allows you to collect special demographic information on your opt-in forms and add them as filters. So now you can send an SMS to someone based on their location and if they are Male or Female between a certain age range giving your message even more relevance and adding to it’s effectiveness.



Phone: 314-920-5155

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