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Zuvent helps scale the purchasing and sales processes for the restaurant industry in Lima (Peru) by providing a two-sided online marketplace for restaurants and vendors to find each other and with one click – do business.

We help tackle these two main industry problems (1) finding information from vendors online and (2) that the purchasing/sales cycle is repetitive and currently just managed via email. We reduce the need for email, and any miscommunication problems and help both sidesĀ scaleĀ and expand their relationships with better tools to manage their sales and purchasing proceses. Zuvent acts like a purchasing platform for restaurants and a sales platform for vendors.

We help small farmers and vendors in the highlands and other areas to find an audience in the biggest restaurant market in Lima.

Our goal, after Lima, is to expand all throughout LatAm, and the rest of the (developing) world.



Phone: 3145371881

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