Nanopore Diagnostics raises $600,000

Bioscience , Companies Posted 01-26-2016

Nanopore Diagnostics, a St. Louis-based startup developing a medical device that physicians can use to detect bacterial infections, has raised nearly $600,000 from a group of investors led by the Miss [...] read more

Genetic testing startup raises $9 million

Bioscience , Companies Posted 01-25-2016

PierianDx, a St. Louis-based biotech startup, has raised $9.25 million from a group of investors led by New York-based Health Catalyst Capital Management
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Monsanto has invested millions in these 11 startups

Bioscience , Companies Posted 01-25-2016

Monsanto Growth Ventures (MGV), the venture capital arm of Creve Coeur-based agricultural giant Monsanto Co. (NYSE: MON), revealed its investment portfolio for the first time Wednesday
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Lacgene Technologies Establishes U.S. Headquarters In St. Louis, Missouri

Bioscience , Companies Posted 01-25-2016

Lacgene Technologies is establishing its U.S. headquarters at the Helix Center Biotech Incubator in St. Louis, Missouri. The U.S. business will operate under the name Blue Orb Solutions
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Monsanto invests in agtech startup’s $17 million deal

Bioscience , Deal Flow Posted 12-22-2015

Monsanto Growth Ventures was among a group of investors to help Blue River Technology, an agtech startup using computer vision and machine learning to help farmers with their crops, raise $17 million
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Nitrogenics raises seed capital from BioGenerator, Missouri Technology Corp.

Bioscience , Deal Flow , Technology Posted 12-15-2015

Nitrogenics, a St. Louis biotech startup incorporating enzymes into the genome of tobacco, has raised $175,000 from the BioGenerator and Missouri Technology Corporation
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The Right Way To Build A Tech City

Bioscience , Technology Posted 12-15-2015

Startups should know what differentiates their product from others. Building around an unique strength, a facet that’s difficult to emulate, offers small companies a chance to gain critical mass
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BioSTL gets grant to help small businesses

Bioscience , Deal Flow Posted 10-19-2015

BioSTL has grabbed a $500,000 grant from the Small Business Administration. It was one of just three Regional Innovation Cluster Initiative grants the SBA is giving out nationally and is meant to spu [...] read more

St. Louis startup developing powerful epilepsy drug previously only used in hospitals

Bioscience , Companies Posted 10-12-2015

Epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, is one of the world’s most common and most serious neurological conditions, afflicting about 50 million people around the globe
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Domain Tech Report Nine Network/PBS: BioSTL, SnakeBite, Label Insight, John and Kane Show

Bioscience , Events , People Posted 10-07-2015

Episode 3 of The Domain Tech Report explores the importance of bioscience to St. Louis along with Startup Connection, an annual event taking place in November of this year. I visit ‘The John and Kan [...] read more