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Local agtech startup raises $2.4 million from investors

Companies , Deal Flow Posted 03-26-2017

Arvegenix, a St. Louis-area agtech startup, has raised $2.4 million from a group of mostly local investors
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How St. Louis’ $761 million startup community stacks up against the world

Deal Flow , Ecosystem Posted 03-24-2017

A three-year period of success for St. Louis startups between 2013 and 2015 has vaulted the city into one of the premier up-and-coming startup ecosystems in the world, according to Startup Genome, a S [...] read more

Cybersecurity startup raises $500,000

Deal Flow Posted 03-23-2017

Bandura Systems, a local cybersecurity software startup, has reported raising an additional $500,000 in its most current funding round, bringing the total to $825,000
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St. Louis startups make progress on crowdfunding campaigns

Companies , Deal Flow Posted 03-22-2017

Two St. Louis startups testing the waters in crowdfunding have found success
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Butterscotch Shenanigans Wants To Be The Midwest’s Most Famous Game Studio

Companies , Deal Flow Posted 03-21-2017

When we think of video games, the most casual gamers among us think of Nintendo, EA Games, and Rockstar Studio—we rarely, if ever, know what’s going on in independent game studios. As it turns out [...] read more

County Helix Fund will write bigger checks but could soon run dry

Deal Flow , Ecosystem Posted 03-20-2017

The St. Louis County Port Authority has more than doubled the amount of money its startup investment arm can invest in young companies
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ITEN’s Mock Angel program readies entrepreneurs for investment

Deal Flow , Ecosystem Posted 03-19-2017

According to a recent report from tech startup support organization ITEN, more than half of entrepreneurs say access to money is their biggest challenge
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St. Louis agtech startup raises $18.3 million

Companies , Deal Flow Posted 03-16-2017

St. Louis-based Benson Hill Biosystems, a plant science firm trying to meld analytics technology with biology, is on a funding tear
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St. Louis biotech startups increase funding 87 percent

Deal Flow , Ecosystem Posted 03-15-2017

St. Louis biotech startups raised $242 million from venture capitalists in 2016, an 87 percent increase when compared with investment totals from 2015
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St. Louis Startup Pioneers Cancer Treatment

Companies , Deal Flow Posted 03-11-2017

St. Louis cancer startup Affigen just closed on a big $17 million investment from a Houston life sciences firm
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