Interview: Stacy Taubman, RISE Collaborative Workspace & Girls Dreaming Big

Ecosystem , People Posted 03-06-2017

Stacy Taubman is the founder and CEO of RISE Collaborative Workspace
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Cortex’s Evolution From A Life Science District To A Magnet For St. Louis Innovators: A Feature Series

Ecosystem Posted 03-04-2017

The Cortex Innovation Community is a center of gravity for St. Louis’ startup ecosystem, playing home to more than 250 startup companies along with a growing corporate presence, entrepreneur support [...] read more

Networking In Cortex With Venture Café

Ecosystem Posted 02-25-2017

There was a time not so long ago when St. Louis entrepreneurs and technology gurus operated in a bubble without the benefit of a place to share a drink and exchange ideas. No longer
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LaunchCode Provides Tech Training for Coding Jobs

Ecosystem , Technology Posted 02-23-2017

LaunchCode, the St. Louis-based organization helping companies fill their thousands of un-filled coding jobs, does that by both training people who’ve never done computer programming before and by p [...] read more

Tale of Two Cities – A Lesson on Innovation Districts from St. Louis

Ecosystem Posted 02-21-2017

When one looks around the country, there are interesting parallels between Baltimore and St. Louis – suburban flight, a depleted urban core, profound police / race issues, loss of corporate headquar [...] read more

America’s Vibrant Tech Sector Is Not In Silicon Valley

Ecosystem Posted 02-19-2017

Have you heard of the technology boom going on outside of Silicon Valley?
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A professional space created for women by women comes to West County

Ecosystem Posted 02-17-2017

Professional women who run their own businesses or meet in coffee shops will soon have a new stomping ground. On February 9, Rise Collaborative Workspace, a 6,000-square-foot co-working space dedicat [...] read more

‘The Collective’ plans to make St. Louis’ tech scene more inclusive

Ecosystem Posted 02-10-2017

Even though St. Louis’ tech startup scene is growing, it is not always the most inclusive environment for women and people of color. A group of 12 local nonprofits and government organizations want [...] read more

The Collaborative Spirit Inside RISE: A Conversation

Ecosystem Posted 12-13-2016

We sat down in St. Louis with RISE Collaborative Workspace founder Stacy Taubman and her COO Kate Wiegmann, and nearly 30 minutes passed before either sipped the cocktails they ordered pre-interview [...] read more

River City Hustle – Startup World: St. Louis

Companies , Ecosystem , People Posted 12-11-2016

Like many Midwestern cities, St. Louis has had to deal with offshoring and population decline in recent years. So a group of scrappy entrepreneurs — and a patchwork of organizations to support them [...] read more