County Helix Fund will write bigger checks but could soon run dry

Deal Flow , Ecosystem Posted 03-20-2017

The St. Louis County Port Authority has more than doubled the amount of money its startup investment arm can invest in young companies
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ITEN’s Mock Angel program readies entrepreneurs for investment

Deal Flow , Ecosystem Posted 03-19-2017

According to a recent report from tech startup support organization ITEN, more than half of entrepreneurs say access to money is their biggest challenge
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St. Louis biotech startups increase funding 87 percent

Deal Flow , Ecosystem Posted 03-15-2017

St. Louis biotech startups raised $242 million from venture capitalists in 2016, an 87 percent increase when compared with investment totals from 2015
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Tech Companies React to Greitens’ Funding Cuts

Ecosystem Posted 03-13-2017

“New Missouri Governor wants to cut start-up funding big-time” was the headline on one tech website, after Gov. Eric Greitens announced plans to cut funding for the Missouri Technology Corporation [...] read more

Prosper Institute Rebrands To BRAZEN, Announces New Membership Program

Companies , Ecosystem Posted 03-08-2017

Prosper Institute, an organization that helps growth-seeking women entrepreneurs advance their businesses, announced today that it has rebranded to Brazen
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Interview: Stacy Taubman, RISE Collaborative Workspace & Girls Dreaming Big

Ecosystem , People Posted 03-06-2017

Stacy Taubman is the founder and CEO of RISE Collaborative Workspace
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Cortex’s Evolution From A Life Science District To A Magnet For St. Louis Innovators: A Feature Series

Ecosystem Posted 03-04-2017

The Cortex Innovation Community is a center of gravity for St. Louis’ startup ecosystem, playing home to more than 250 startup companies along with a growing corporate presence, entrepreneur support [...] read more

Networking In Cortex With Venture Café

Ecosystem Posted 02-25-2017

There was a time not so long ago when St. Louis entrepreneurs and technology gurus operated in a bubble without the benefit of a place to share a drink and exchange ideas. No longer
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LaunchCode Provides Tech Training for Coding Jobs

Ecosystem , Technology Posted 02-23-2017

LaunchCode, the St. Louis-based organization helping companies fill their thousands of un-filled coding jobs, does that by both training people who’ve never done computer programming before and by p [...] read more

Tale of Two Cities – A Lesson on Innovation Districts from St. Louis

Ecosystem Posted 02-21-2017

When one looks around the country, there are interesting parallels between Baltimore and St. Louis – suburban flight, a depleted urban core, profound police / race issues, loss of corporate headquar [...] read more