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St. Louis agtech startup raises $18.3 million

Companies , Deal Flow Posted 03-16-2017

St. Louis-based Benson Hill Biosystems, a plant science firm trying to meld analytics technology with biology, is on a funding tear
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St. Louis biotech startups increase funding 87 percent

Deal Flow , Ecosystem Posted 03-15-2017

St. Louis biotech startups raised $242 million from venture capitalists in 2016, an 87 percent increase when compared with investment totals from 2015
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VidVerify Is Reshaping How The Loan Industry Communicates With Customers

Companies , Technology Posted 03-14-2017

The best way to begin a company, the entrepreneurial rule goes, is to identify a problem in the marketplace and then solve it. At VidVerify, they not only solve a problem in the mortgage market, but a [...] read more

Tech Companies React to Greitens’ Funding Cuts

Ecosystem Posted 03-13-2017

“New Missouri Governor wants to cut start-up funding big-time” was the headline on one tech website, after Gov. Eric Greitens announced plans to cut funding for the Missouri Technology Corporation [...] read more

PupPod Wants To Make Your Dog Even Smarter

Companies Posted 03-12-2017

More than a few viral videos concern exactly what it is pets do when their owners take off for the day. But PupPod knows that Fido can do more with his day besides take his sixth nap: with PupPod’s [...] read more

St. Louis Startup Pioneers Cancer Treatment

Companies , Deal Flow Posted 03-11-2017

St. Louis cancer startup Affigen just closed on a big $17 million investment from a Houston life sciences firm
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Forced to pivot, job-matching entrepreneur now has a winning strategy

People , Technology Posted 03-10-2017

Chris Motley thought he had a great product and a solid strategy. Then his target market blew up
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Prosper Institute Rebrands To BRAZEN, Announces New Membership Program

Companies , Ecosystem Posted 03-08-2017

Prosper Institute, an organization that helps growth-seeking women entrepreneurs advance their businesses, announced today that it has rebranded to Brazen
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Interview: Stacy Taubman, RISE Collaborative Workspace & Girls Dreaming Big

Ecosystem , People Posted 03-06-2017

Stacy Taubman is the founder and CEO of RISE Collaborative Workspace
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MediBeacon completes clinical study at Washington University

Companies Posted 03-05-2017

St. Louis biotech startup MediBeacon has completed a clinical study using its medical device — a monitor that tracks kidney function — on subjects with impaired kidney function at Washington Univ [...] read more