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We are a Chicago based private investment firm led by Chairman Dr. Richard Chaifetz, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and business executives who have a proven success of growing great businesses. Unlike traditional private equity or venture capital firms, we invest private capital. This provides a permanent base allowing no time horizon on exit and aligns our goals more closely with management teams.

Our structure provides us with the flexibility to evaluate potential opportunities across a wide-ranging spectrum of the life cycle including early stage start-ups to multi-million dollar mature businesses. While our focus is broad, forming a strategic value-add partnership with management is something we look for in all of our investments. This stems from our passion – working with entrepreneurs and executive teams who are looking to build their businesses into industry-leading companies.

Our group has a deep interest in the St. Louis Community. Dr.Chaifetz is a St. Louis University alumnus and is committed to bettering the city of St. Louis. Our group is actively on the lookout for investments in the St. Louis area.



Phone: 312.983.3604

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