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EARLY STAGE COMPANIES NEED NURTURING, MENTORING, FINANCING, AND SUPPORT RESOURCES TO ACCELERATE THEIR GROWTH. YOU WILL FIND ALL THAT AND MORE AT HELIX CENTER BIOTECH INCUBATOR. ST. LOUIS COUNTY ECONOMIC COUNCIL, WHICH OWNS AND OPERATES THE FACILITY, HAS MORE THAN 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN SMALL BUSINESS INCUBATION AND UNDERSTANDS WHAT IT TAKES TO HELP GROW SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES. Focused on bioscience, technology and plant and life sciences startups, Helix Center Biotech Incubator has the facilities, experience and connections to launch the next generation of successful, high-potential companies. Helix Center supports your business success with: Expertise – Small business consulting services include mentoring, business development training seminars, legal services, and more Capital – Access to well-funded investment networks, including angel investors and venture funds, as well as the $1.5 million Helix Fund that provides capital for early stage bioscience companies Business Resources – Comprehensive services through St. Louis County Economic Council can help you grow your business, capitalize on international import/export opportunities and finance growth Shared Business Support – Reception and notary services, photocopier, postage meter, as well as shipping and receiving area Environment – Comfortable and inviting gathering spaces provide you with the invaluable opportunity to connect, interact and learn from entrepreneurs like yourself The competitive advantages at Helix Center Biotech Incubator offer what you need to grow. In addition to wet/dry laboratories, office space and research equipment, you’ll have abundant networking opportunities and commercialization assistance to make connections to other life sciences and technology enterprises like yours.


Email: tsheridan@slcec.com

Phone: 314.884.8246

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