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Every company claims they want to “partner”​ with you. Executives toss this word around in their proposals all the time—alongside inflated hourly rates, monthly retainers, and project budgets that leave you calling your bank for funding. And to ice the cake, their timelines leave you waiting at least six months for the first release of anything valuable to your business.

Is this what partnership has become? Protectionist contracts? Padded timelines? And payments to cover inflated salaries?

Partnership should mean that both partners mutually share in the risks of doing business together before anyone talks about the rewards.

That’s why HIVE decided to work differently.

We believe that a successful partnership means getting a product into the marketplace that generates revenue. No, not numbers in a spreadsheet of Google Analytics data, Facebook and Linkedin metrics. Numbers that prove that the work you’re doing together is… working. Numbers that have dollar signs next to them.

We fund product development with the revenue your product generates. So, in essence your product costs you right around whatever profit you’re wiling to reinvest. Say “goodbye”​ to the confusion of contract-driven projects and smothering layers of project management. And say hello to “pay-as-you-go”​ product development.

We don’t charge you hourly for an account executive, a creative director and a development lead to sit in a meeting with you, because we couldn’t care less about hourly rates. You see, none of our cross-functional designers, developers and strategists are paid any money unless they help build something that can make money.

We are your revenue-funded business-building software partner. We build products we truly believe in. Products we partner in—where we don’t make a dime unless you do.

Welcome to HIVE.



Phone: (314) 690-1893

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