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The iSelect Fund was created to give accredited investors an unprecedented level of access to promising venture opportunities. The strategy for investing is somewhat simpleā€”a diversified portfolio minimizes risks and increases the potential for return, this is common knowledge with respect to asset allocation and security selection considerations, but, with the large minimum investment generally required to make most venture investments, many investors inadvertently find themselves lacking the diversified exposure to venture opportunities that are necessary to maximize the potential for favorable outcomes. That was before the iSelect Fund.

The iSelect Fund allows accredited investors to create a properly diversified portfolio of professionally vetted venture opportunities with as little as $50,000. Accredited investors have the ability to hand select their investment choices, investing in as many companies as they choose subject to a minimum a minimum investment of $10,000 per opportunity.

These accessible minimum investment thresholds are unique to the iSelect Fund and enable investors and their advisors to achieve exposure to the promising return potential of the venture asset class.

Moreover, the iSelect Fund’s intensive investment review process has been designed to provide investors with a portfolio of private investment opportunities to select among that had been subject to intensive due diligence and valuation criteria by prominent and accomplished venture capital investors. The members of the iSelect Fund’s Regional and At-Large Selection Committee represent the best and brightest investors, domain experts and entrepreneurs, each of them economically incentivized to select the most promising private venture opportunities.



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