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The Missouri Technology Corporation (“MTC”) is a public-private partnership created by the Missouri General Assembly to promote entrepreneurship and foster the growth of new and emerging high-tech companies. Our vision is to transform Missouri through the power of entrepreneurship by serving as a catalyst for technology-based innovation to achieve sustainable economic growth.

MTC executes on this vision by making strategic investments that expand the support system for entrepreneurs that are commercializing new technologies and through direct investments into early-stage, high growth companies. Missouri IDEA Fund is the primary vehicle through which MTC makes direct investments into companies. Missouri IDEA Fund programs include:

• Missouri TechLaunch
• Seed Capital Co-Investment Program
• Venture Capital Co-Investment Program
• High-Tech Industrial Expansion Program

Each of these four programs are designed to help early-stage companies overcome the principal financing challenges of launching and growing start-ups that leverage discoveries and talent at Missouri’s world-class public and private universities and other research organizations. MTC has designed these four programs to provide access to entrepreneurs and early-stage companies at various stages of a company’s life cycle. The Missouri TechLaunch program serves as MTC’s pre-seed fund to be awarded to entrepreneurial start-ups for intellectual property development and evaluation, including in-depth analysis of market potential, conducting competitive analysis, establishing proof of concept of a scientific discovery, prototype design and development, and related activities. MTC’s Seed Capital Co-Investment program is designed to accelerate private investment in Missouri-based start-up companies and to increase the overall investment impact of that third-party investment. MTC’s Venture Capital Co-Investment program is designed to accelerate private venture capital investment in Missouri-ba


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