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Concepts Life – a new line of home accents for the US market; a new e-commerce retail company in St. Louis As part of her new company, Moxie St. Louis, LLC., Emelynn Hasky secured the first distribution agreement to sell the products in the US. Operating as Concepts Life US Emelynn has started selling a select offering of the overall collection on her new US website.
Through her state-of-the-art website,, Emelynn developed a new e-commerce model built around the unique branding of Concepts Life. Unlike other home furnishings websites, Concepts Life products are offered to consumers by identifying with their unique personality traits. Instead of having to search through a massive number of products by room type or furniture type, shoppers select the theme that suits their personality type to find all the products that are merchandised under that theme.
Concepts Life US offers numerous benefits including: the merchandising of products according to personality type, the introduction of stylish products that cannot be found on other websites or in retail stores, affordable pricing with regular sales, discounts, coupons, and flash sales. The attractive e-commerce site appeals to consumers by providing beautiful product photos, useful information on design trends, decorating ideas, and convenient shopping with easy navigation. Emelynn takes great pride in her responsive customer service that rounds out the Concepts Life US shopping experience.
Concepts Life US has opened a retail location in real life at the Collective MX in downtown St. Louis: Moxie St. Louis is pleased to announce that new display is open and ready for customers.



Phone: 917-464-3586

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