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EVAS develops novel biopharmaceuticals for diagnostic Imaging and pharmacotherapy of various debilitating diseases associated with tissue Injury and cell death EVAS Therapeutics, LLC is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company founded in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in April 2004. EVAS’ mission is to develop proprietary products for molecular imaging and pharmacotherapy of various debilitating diseases, including acute myocardial infarction, stroke, unstable atherosclerotic diseases, transplant rejection, hemodialysis vascular access failure, and neurodegenerative diseases. In the past few years, EVAS has developed a series of 2-domain recombinant proteins comprising an Annexin V (ANV) moiety fused to various Kunitz-type Protease Inhibitors (KPIs), abbreviated ANV-KPIs. These dual-domain molecules possess the ability to specifically dock onto sites of vascular and tissue injury and attenuate the cascade of events that cause cell death and tissue dysfunction. EVAS is currently conducting pilot-scale bioprocess development and preclinical animal studies in conjunction with its collaborators (Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing, U. Iowa; and Dialysis Program, U. Utah) to advance these novel drug candidates into IND-stage. For molecular imaging applications, EVAS is currently seeking partners for joint development. EVAS’ R&D has been supported in part by NIH SBIR grants (1R43HL77061; 1R43HL093848; and 2R44HL093848).



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