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Bejeweled designs and logos that stick to anything! Fan Bling are designs made from tiny crystals that are all one piece, self-adhesive, re-usable and can stick to anything. Fan Bling can create any logo or design in any color or in any size for any application.
Fan Bling is perfect for team logos, clubs and organizations. Show your passion in bling that sticks to anything! Some of our top clients include, Harley Davidson and Schnucks. Look for Fan Bling in Schnucks stores June1st. Fan Bling is a great way for fans to show their passion and loyalty. Fan Bling is also perfect way to promote teams, events and products. A portion of all pink designs goes to breast health awareness.
We are seeking a partnership with someone that has experience with retail distribution or licencing.



Phone: 314-368-0206

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