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“Inspire children to discover their passion in life by providing convenient options to explore through the value that families need.”

 Kidzxplor is the brainchild of three St. Louis-based momprenuers who sought to tap the unmet need in the children’s extracurricular activity market.  kidzxplor is a web and app-based subscription service that will let parents book classes and activities at over 62+ local Children’s Class and Activity partner locations across the St. Louis metropolitan area.

kidzxplor introduced service to the St. Louis market on September 1st as the area’s first-ever monthly subscription service for kids’ activities.

 “As parents ourselves, we know first-hand the frustration and expense of trying to find the right activity fit for our children,” said Angela Sandler, kidzxplor CEO. “Kidzxplor gives parents and their children access to a variety of activities that will expose them to new interests and passions.”

A monthly kidzxplor subscription costs $99 per month for unlimited access to activities. There is no joining commitment, cancellation fee, or additional expense to attend activities at any of the activity partners place of business. Types of classes and activities include dance, sports, foreign language, STEM, yoga and fitness, art, music, cooking, and Lego Architecture.  Sample activity partners include COCA, Gymboree, Vetta Sports, Companion Teaching Kitchen, and The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.

“We believe kidzxplor will not only help children explore new activities, but we intend for kidzxplor to become an integral part of the local community,” said Sandler. “Our goal is for kids to have fun and grow while helping parents live a life that’s a bit easier to manage.”

Kidzxplor will be expanding to the Houston market in the Spring of 2017 and plans on expansion to eight United States cities with the next two years.

kidzxplor strives to give opportunities to children by connecting them to the best class and activity providers in the local area and by connecting the community together through their philanthropic component, kidzxplor Community, that gives back a portion of the companies profits directly to the community.



Phone: 314-348-2225

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