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Data analytics, process improvement, cost optimization Most organizations have some level of data and reporting – but reporting will only get them half way. At progresSum we make sure you take full advantage of your data. Working together, we will transform your data into meaningful insights and actionable strategies to improve business outcomes.
To help you accomplish better results, we are offering two services:
• progresSum Cloud Business Intelligence:
End-to-end business intelligence which starts by understanding your business needs, your data, and your processes. Developing a framework to capture, measure, visualize, and communicate what is important to your business.
• progresSum Business Analytics Outsourcing Services:
For companies looking to boost data-driven decision making and currently have limited in-house capabilities or need help with specific projects, we offer expertise and technologies
that translate information into solutions.

Data analytics enable organizations to innovate through new products, services, processes,
and business models. By adapting and anticipating customer demands, companies will
remain competitive and ahead in an ever-changing market place.



Phone: 3145990108

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