Meet The Next Generation Of Job Creators Winning In St. Louis

Ecosystem , Events Posted 11-28-2017

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18 Startups Win $50,000 Each To Relocate Their Business To St Louis

Companies , Events Posted 11-08-2017

Arch Grants has awarded $900,000 in grant funds to 18 new startups and early-stage businesses from across the country and around the globe. The winners were announced at the 5th annual Arch Grants [...] read more

LaunchCode wins $150,000 in MIT competition

Companies , Ecosystem , Events Posted 10-18-2017

LaunchCode, the St. Louis-based nonprofit that trains aspiring software developers and then places them with established companies, was one of four grand prize winners of MIT’s Inclusive Innovation [...] read more

Among dozens at Ag Showcase, this St. Louis startup stood out

Companies , Events Posted 09-19-2017

Every year, industrialized countries waste or lose about $680 billion of food, according to the United Nations. In the United States, Newsweek says the average family spends $1,500 a year on wasted [...] read more

Startups Compete For $50,000 In Prize Money At St. Charles County Demo Day

Companies , Events Posted 09-13-2017

Two years ago, CareerHacker, my idea for a startup that helped students build professional online presences, was the first company to pitch at the inaugural St. Charles County Demo Day
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QA with Nick Szabo on the MDMC pitch competition

Companies , Events Posted 03-01-2017

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference returns to St. Louis this year with a startup pitch competition awarding a $5,000 cash prize sponsored by Purina and UMSL Accelerate. We talked with Nick Szabo [...] read more

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference announces $5,000 startup pitch competition

Events Posted 02-15-2017

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference returns to St. Louis this year with a startup pitch competition
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STL Community Cast: Matt Menietti, Director of Global Hack

Ecosystem , Events , People Posted 12-10-2016

"When you think of homelessness software, it's not something big and sexy like VR or a social network. You get some decent software out of the event, but you're using it as a spark to continue that wo [...] read more

SIUE weCode event to teach beginning programming to high school students

Events , Technology Posted 12-07-2016

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science is offering high school students an opportunity to experience programming, a skillset that is increas [...] read more

Startup Connection 2016 Increases Startup Participation And Attendance

Companies , Ecosystem , Events , Technology Posted 12-05-2016

The event, which has grown in size every year, is designed to give St. Louis’ top startups an opportunity to present to investors, other entrepreneurs, and all members of the innovation community
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