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Our process is very easy: You just need to get us your cards, and we take care of the rest for you. We will send you a spreadsheet with all the contact data accurately converted so you can use it. Your file can be imported to most contact management tools such as Outlook, SalesForce and Constant Contact, or you can work directly off the sheet as well.

If you send your cards in baggies or bundles we can match those categories or you can qualify your records once you received your file. You will be able to sort the sheet alphabetically by any column you choose — first name, last name, company. We can go over this in more detail when we talk next.

The pricing depend on the quantity of cards you have and is listed on our site as well. You can buy a block of credits, or send in what you have and we just bill you for the exact count at the appropriate rate. We have very quick turnaround times that is usually 3 – 5 days, unless you have over 5,000 and then it might be 7-10 days, but very few people have that many to convert.

We do also work with Handwritten Forms, Printed Directories and pulling lists from websites. We basically can do all the data entry most people tend to dread. Let’s try and connect to help you along. We can talk by phone or catch up for a coffee.



Phone: 314-550-0950

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