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Resource Overview

Entrepreneurial activities and access to capital are facilitated by Missouri Venture Forum through:
* networking
* education
* information exchange

Members include:
* Entrepreneurs
* Private investors
* Attorneys
* Bankers
* Venture capitalists
* Accountants
* Consultants
* Educators
* Marketing specialists
* Corporate executives
* Inventors

Forum Membership Benefits include:
* Ten monthly breakfast programs where members and guests meet and share ideas (No meeting/breakfast fee for members)

* Two-Minute Forum, where members and guests describe new ventures, acquisition interests, ideas, financial needs, assistance required and investment opportunities

* Knowledgeable speakers discuss a variety of topics focusing on: entrepreneurial businesses and challenges; objectives and “war stories” of venture capitalists and other investors; relevant topics by specialists.

* Networking with professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in new and growing enterprises

* Special education events including the Roundtable Series and the annual Outlook for Capital

* Printed and online Membership Directory providing the information required to contact the individuals who can help you and your business.


Email: judy@missouriventureforum.org

Phone: 314-241-2683

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