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Few choices exist for small businesses seeking growth capital – mainly senior bank debt or expensive equity investment. As they reach their bank’s lending limit, business owners may turn to other sources of capital, such as personal credit cards, venture capital or an equity partner. Whereas the latter two options typically require relinquishing some ownership of the company, Regional Growth Capital provides a unique alternative – investment without ownership.

Regional Growth Capital invests in selected, growing companies in Missouri and Illinois that demonstrate significant potential for success. The investment serves as extended bridge financing for organic growth, acquisitions or recapitalizations.

Regional Growth Capital is a for-profit corporation owned by 28 banks and the three largest economic development agencies in the region (St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, Economic Development Center of St. Charles County and St. Louis Development Corporation). Its solid track record includes providing leveraged buyout financing as well as making investments in growing businesses for some of the premier companies in the St. Louis area.



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