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Started in 1987, the Center for Entrepreneurship is only the 23rd such center to be established in the United States. Our Center is known for its innovative approach to entrepreneurship.

The Center has been a national leader in developing and delivering innovative programs to promote Entrepreneurship through education. Our nationally-ranked programs promote economic growth by encompassing “Passion. Compassion. Planning. Performance.”

The Center’s programs are based upon partnerships between the Center and interested members of the community. Entrepreneurs and those who support entrepreneurship have contributed their time, insights, and financial supports to help the Center deliver an unprecedented range and quality of programs.

The Center for Entrepreneurship is always eager to meet with individuals and organizations that share our vision of building a region of Entrepreneurs and have interest in forming relationships to help make that happen.

The excellence of the Center for Entrepreneurship is tied to the tireless efforts of dedicated volunteers who help connect the Center to the community through delivering and expanding the diverse offerings of the Center. These include more than 300 Entrepreneurs annually who speak in our classes, work on our competitions, and assist with other programs to help build a region of Entrepreneurs.



Phone: 314-977-3850

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