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BALSA Foundation works to make entrepreneurship accessible – and success attainable –to anyone wishing to pursue new business ideas but who may not have the background, network, or resources to get started.  This mission is accomplished through three primary programs:

-The Entry Fund program: A three-phase program that works with first-time entrepreneurs to establish their business. In the first phase, experienced business advisors work with applicants on crafting an executive summary of their business idea. In the second phase, applicants submit their polished executive summary to a review board for the opportunity to be awarded a non-dilutive grant of up to $5,000 and/or in-kind professional services. In the third phase, finalists participate in hands-on workshops to develop a roadmap for their business.

-The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap: a freely available step-by-step guidebook that explains the process of company formation and business development in simple terms and checklists. The Roadmap empowers individuals and instills in them the confidence to move forward with their own ideas.

-The Entrepreneurs of St. Louis (EofStL): A photo-journal blog that highlights successful St. Louis small-business owners to foster a sense of community. Applicants can reach out to these entrepreneurs for mentorship, which creates bridges throughout the St. Louis community.



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